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New TJD Customs Autococker  74Z Speeder Ram Raw
New TJD Customs Autococker  74Z Speeder Ram Raw
New TJD Customs Autococker  74Z Speeder Ram Raw

New TJD Customs Autococker 74Z Speeder Ram Raw

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TJD Customs is back with an innovative design on a classic. The 74Z Speeder Ram is one of the fastest cycling rams on the market today and is the most serviceable ram ever made.

Please note that this item has a raw finish and should be anodized before installation. 

Fast Cycle Speeds 

With a larger, burnished bore this ram has cycle speeds will keep up with any ram on the market today. It’s modern construction allows for both a 90° side barb or a front barb configuration.

Get Back in the Game Quicker 

Serviceability is the key component to any modern ram. TJD Customs addressed the most difficult issues facing ram rebuilds via beta testing from many notable Autococker techs and machinists. The result is the most serviceable ram ever made!

Like it’s counterparts the 74Z Speeder Ram includes flats on the front and rear for easier disassembly, as well as flats on the ram shaft to allow for easier coupling with the pump.

The Fastest Rebuild  

Where the 74Z Speeder Ram sets itself apart is the ability to access the rear o-ring quickly and effortlessly. Using a breakthrough proprietary design TJD Customs has develop a revolutionary new system that makes service easier than ever before. This new technology utilizes a hex insert in the rear cap that secures the rear o-ring. The user can access the o-ring with  7/32 Allen Wrench and replace in a matter of seconds. The user doesn't even have to fully remove the ram from the marker to do a complete rebuild! 



Dustin Parmley - Master Autococker Tech and Owner of Indiana Autococker Repair "The retainer is the best damn idea ever! This makes it easy for people, everyone thinks that you need a degree to work on these. I tried hard to break this one, but it took the abuse. This ram design is the best out there! It's going in my next build."

Peng King - Master Autococker Tech "I don't know why this hasn't been thought of before! This ram is so easy to work on and cycles so quick. This design of Tom's will look great on old school cockers. Keeping the classic look with new ingenuity"